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I am a certified Hatha, Ashtanga (220HR), Fierce Grace (250Hr) & Yin (50HR) teacher and am currently doing my 300HR Teacher training with Awakening Yoga Academy.

I have been working at Hot Yoga Belfast since the beginning and I absolutely love my job. I have always had a no BS approach to yoga alongside a full inclusivity policy.

Yoga should be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. I offer modifications throughout all of my classes so you can have the best class available to you, and your body’s needs, every day.


what to expect

First and foremost – fun.

I put my personality into each class I teach and never take anything too seriously. I am always myself in the hope that you too can relax and be yourself.

Working through full body sequences with a little bit of core thrown in for good measure. Every class is tailored to the room, working alongside new students and regulars offering chances to go deeper for those who have a seasoned practice. I curate personalised playlists for each sequence to keep the classes light with a natural pace throughout.

when people ask

what are
the mental benefits

reduces anxiety

Many studies have been done linking yoga to increased mental health. Practicing poses whilst focusing on breathing can help soothe the physical discomfort associated with anxiety.

stress relief

The poses used throughout practice can lower stress levels & heart rate. Helping us sleep & perform better.

brain function

Yoga strengthens parts of the brain that play a key role in memory, attention, awareness, thought, and language.


Balance is a key part of most yoga poses. Aligning your focus on one focal point to keep yourself upright helps clear the mind and stay in the present moment.


Practising yoga regularly increases flexibility and joint function. Flexibility is an important component to overall physical health.

boosts immunituy

Chronic stress negativity impacts your immune system. Using yoga to reduce stress can boost immunity so you are less susceptive to illness.


Using yoga to increase your body awareness is a big step towards a better posture. Improving brain function in areas of the that are associated with interoception.


Using inversions, twists, binds and relaxation can improve blood flow and bring more oxygen to your cells and organs.

when people ask

what are
the physical benefits